The Ultimate Minimalist Lifestyle: 1 Truck, 7 People, 321 Things

From one extreme to the other, we’ve lived in a 6500 square foot furnished house, and on another occasion, the model home with every furnishing and doo-dad possible.

Now our family of seven, and nearly every belonging we need, is packed into the limited square footage of our F250 Super Duty (that is powered by vegetable oil, by the way.)

The consensus? Did owning more stuff and living in a bigger space make us happier?

I would have to say – No Way!

In fact, I am quite honestly more contented and fulfilled now that I’m free from the ‘burden of possession.’

Owning less stuff means you have fewer ‘things’ requiring your time and attention.

Your Saturdays are no longer spent doing household chores, mowing the lawn or pulling weeds.

Instead you’re free to have fun with your family, or to spend time on a project you’re interested in, one that brings you great joy and fulfillment.

Although our society has been afflicted with the disease of consumerism, it’s not to late to inoculate yourself with a good, healthy shot of simplification.

Try it for yourself – eliminate the excess and see if you don’t feel freer. (Watch this video interview with Adam Baker from ManvsDebt about Selling Your Crap, Gaining Your Freedom and Living Your Dream.)

We’ve inventoried and counted (an approximation) every item that we’re trekking with us across two continents on our Epic Expedition from Alaska to Argentina.

Here’s a list of what we have, and below this list, is the video of how it’s all organized.


1 roof top tent
2 Ukuleles
1 Baby backpack (carrier)
2 Mosquito nets
1 Backpack
1 Booster seat
2 Camel backs
2 First Aid kits
1 Stroller
6 camping chairs
1 sleeping bag
16 blankets
6 pillows
1 Five gallon water jug
1 tarp
1 inverter
2 Bose speakers
1 Fan
1 Coleman Camp stove
2 pots
1 drawer with utensils/kitchen tools

Glove Box
Hand sanitizer
2 Headlamps
Toilet Paper
Business cards

1 Lock Box
Kodak PlaySport camera & equip + bag
GoPro camera & equip
Canon Rebel XTI and accessories (+ camera bag)
2 iShuffles
1 iPhone
2 Macbook pros and accessories
1 Kobe eReader

Sunday Tote
Mom – 3 skirts, Sandals
Dad – Brown slacks, white shirt, tie, socks
Kaya – 2 dresses
Parker – Button down shirt, slacks, socks
Kimball – Button down shirt, slacks, socks
Aaliyah – 2 dresses
Atlas – 2 slacks, 3 shirts

Mom’s Tote
2 long sleeve
1 skirt
6 underwear
1 bra
3 socks
1 tank top
1 t-shirt
1 exercise shirt
2 pants
3 shorts
10 shirts

Dad’s Tote
His clothes (not going to inventory them, I just know they fit in 1 1/2 totes)

Kaya’s Tote
1 Nightie
9 Underwear
3 shorts
2 skirts
6 shirts
1 pant
1 charidar (from India)
1 PJ pant
2 longsleeve
1 sweat shirt

Parker’s Tote
7 boxers
2 socks
4 shorts
1 pant
5 shirts
1 longsleeve

Kimball’s Tote
5 underwear
2 socks
1 PJ
2 longsleeve
6 shorts
1 pant
7 shirts

Aaliyah’s Tote
9 underwear
1 sock
1 PJ
2 pant
1 skirt
1 dress
2 longsleeve
4 shirts

Atlas’ Tote
9 shirts
6 shorts
1 short sleeve PJ
1 long sleeve PJ
1 sock

‘Get Ready’ Tote
Hair supples (rubber bands, clips, etc.)
2 Deodorants
Hair lotion
2 electric razors
2 combs
1 brush

Toothbrush Tote
15 toothbrushes (we bought extras for cheap in India)
5 toothbrush holders
1 toothpaste

Education Tote
Oil pastels
Drawing Pencils
4×6 cards

Travel Boggle
Wiz Kidz


The Great American Bathroom Book I
501 Spanish Verbs
Sri Aurobindo on Education
Aztecs – Usborne
Aztec, Inca & Maya
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Usborne Essential Atlas of the World
Usborne Flags Sticker Book
Usborne World History Sticker Book
Usborne Seas & Oceans Sticker Book
Usborne Astronomy
Usborne Living World Encyclopedia
Usborne 1st Encyclopedia of the Human Body
Curse of the Ruins
Omnivores Dilemma for Kids
Mexico: From the Olmecs to the Aztecs
The Entitlement Trap
Essays and Poems of Emerson
Gods & Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya
Aztec Designs Coloring Book
Ultimate Dot-to-Dot
Alphabet Dot-to-Dot
2 First Word Searches
Amazing Mazes
Mastering Maths
Daily Math Practice
Usborne Big Book of Sticker Math
Spanish I
Writing Practice
Week-by-Week Word Families
…And Now Miguel
Horrible Science – Nasty Nature

Bathroom Tote
Insect repellent spray
Insect repellent lotion
SPF 30
SPF 50
2 Lotions
Emergency tampons
Redmonds Clay
Essential Oils

Electronics Tote
USB cord (3)
External Hard drive + cords
My Passport External Hard drive + cords and case
Ethernet cord

Toilet Paper

Humanitarian Project
42 books to take to rural villages.


Click here if you can’t see the video below:

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