Why Our Culture May Be Flunking at Raising Children and Other Things That Matter (+Introducing Fantastic Family Fridays)

There’s something missing. A popular book that launched recently spot-lighted ’101 Places to Get ‘F*ed’ up Before you Die’. Now, I’m of the belief that individuals are free to choose how they want to use their short time while on this spaceship we call ‘Earth’. But I […]

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Thoughts on Motherhood, Miracles and Why We Should Stop Hacking Our Children’s Childhood

It’s like staring into a fire. Captivating. Mesmerizing. Like a meditation. Looking into the face of a sleeping newborn is bewitching. I could do it for hours and feel completely content. Watching them breathe, their little mouths twitch, wondering if they’ll do a ‘sleeping smile’ that you […]

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Why We Spent Only One Short Week in El Salvador (and the Precariousness of Travel)

We made it to El Salvador. For months, almost since we’d come to Guatemala, my husband always said, “I want to check out El Salvador. I want to go to El Salvador.” El Salvador was always on his mind. We’d tried once to visit, and they wouldn’t […]

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Why I’m Not Satisfied With My Life (And You Shouldn’t Be Either)

It’s been growing slowly for several months. A slight feeling of frustration, restlessness, annoyance… A dissatisfaction with this or that. Irritation at circumstances and situations. Don’t get me wrong… I have a great life. I’m married to an amazing man, have wonderful children, and I’m living my […]

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Staying Home is Easier Than Daring to Adventure, But…

It was February 2012 when we pulled into Panajachel, Guatemala and rented our first house, intending to stay for only a few weeks. Those weeks turned into months, which turned into a year, which developed into purchasing land and starting Mayan Eco Homestead. Where once we had […]

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Getting an Ultrasound in Guatemala (and We’re Having a…)

Greg and I climb into our ‘disaster’ of a truck… the adventure mobile that has undergone several re-models and ‘unmodels’, and now has an uncertain future. But that’s another story that I may share in a future post. Leaving The Homestead, (on our barely-passable driveway that’s become […]

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So… I’m Pregnant. Yes, With Number SIX!

I really thought this day would never come. I was positive that after number five, Atlas (right), we were DONE having kids. The nausea. The hormones. The discomfort. The sleepless nights. The back pain. The labor. Ugh. As much as I love my kids, I was not going to do it again. […]

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THIS is Why We Love Travel!

Except for a few side trips (to California, Idaho and Yellowstone), we spent about three months in Salt Lake City area, while we prepped our truck for the next leg of our trip. We installed A/C (a necessity, we thought), organized our @321 things, and received a […]

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7 Ways Family Travel Confirms that ‘All Men Are Created Equal’

  Huh? I know it’s the 4th of July, but what could family travel – traveling to places like India or Peru – even have to do with the Declaration of Independence? The famous words penned by Thomas Jefferson which commence this historic document state that “ALL […]

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Sunday Morning Confession

I woke up this morning with that feeling you have when you’ve slept too long – kind of what I imagine you would feel like if you got hit with a baseball bat in the head – my eyes felt puffy and swollen shut and my head […]

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