Greg was out on his own at an early age and faced tough times. Keeping a vision of what he wanted in life, he was able to overcome major obstacles to create:

- A strong, happy, lasting marriage
- Great parent/child relationships
- A fantastic family culture

Together he and Rachel share what it takes to make your family FANTASTIC!

Are You TRULY Educated?


A REAL education starts AFTER you've read 1000 classic books... it doesn't come from:

- Getting good grades
- Attending the best colleges
- Getting your degree

Learn what it takes to get a REAL education!

How to FUND Travel?

For years, I searched for the answer that would allow our family to travel and live abroad full-time. I want to share what I've learned with you, like:

- Why there's never been a better time - How normal people like you are making it happen - How you can become location independent this year!

Discover the 'SECRETS' for how to fund travel!